About Interprethèque

Dr. Frédérique Sevet-Collier is a certified court interpreter and an instructor of beginning through postgraduate French. Holding both French and American degrees, she has taught English in Europe and French and Italian in the United States, including scholastic and private mentoring for adults and children, as well as American culture and English for exchange students. Her interpretation and translation experience includes depositions and trials, industrial technical collaborations, medical consultations, and institutional psychiatric healthcare. She is highly skilled in simultaneous interpretation and transcription and experienced with British and American argot and dialects and African, Canadian, and Continental French.

Ray Collier is a legal editor, technical writer, and digital media technologist with degrees in English and Philosophy. He has edited and fact-checked state supreme court law books for 20 years and edited software documentation, editorial guides, business procedures, and bilingual court forms and public information. He has researched and written computer and cultural magazine articles, created and illustrated computer hardware and software manuals, and copy-edited and laid out academic dissertations, books, and advertisements. His experience further includes automotive and aircraft technology, art, music scholarship and performance, and French and English information technology argot.